Rai – In Print

Art comes in many forms, and who are we to limit the creative potential of these talented individuals? No one, obviously, and so the Rai-volution continues. In 2019 we added a range of prints to the Rai collection. Bright, modern and like all of our Rai products, lovingly created by people living with disability.

These artworks, like our jewellery collection, are a reflection of the individual artist’s experiences, passions and their joy, and we know they’ll look mighty fine hanging on your wall too!

Close up of hands resting on a carved lino tile

Our print artists can often be found working on their colourful creations in our working art studio ‘Artel’, located in the bayside suburb of Redcliffe, or they may just be unleashing their creative genius at a CPL service centre near you!

Some artworks begin from a simple drawing, or a seemingly random array of lines on the page, while other designs seem to pop out fully-formed from the imagination of each individual artist.

Some take a loooong time – a lino print is carved by colour, with prints taken at multiple stages throughout the process. Our artists are perfectionists, and these bad boys can be a year in the making!

Some come about through collaboration, like KD-100, which combines the personal style of artists Dan and Kristi to create something neither had produced before.

Product Image of KD-100, a multi-coloured abstract line work

"KD-100, Dan & Kristi"

All of our prints? Totally exclusive to Rai, these are artworks you won't find anywhere else!

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