Our Story

Who’s Rai?

Oh, hey, that’s us!

Rai’s ceramic jewellery collection is an expression of personality, creativity and individuality, turning creativity and passion into a career.

Designed, made, packed and shipped by people living with disability, every piece has a story and bucket loads of style.

Rai jewellery

Let’s tell you our story.

Rai was born in 2017 (yes, we’re still a baby) when one of our creative sparks raised their hand and said:

‘Hey guys and girls, we know some mega talented artists and they’ve made this awesome ceramic jewellery – who wants to buy some?’

Then, after a rush of excited humans inhaled our first few pieces, we were like *thinking face emoji* … ‘You know we should make this bigger - I’m pretty sure there’s hundreds of people who, just like us, want to strut-their-stuff in them too.’ Or something along those lines…

Then, the powers that be (that would be the big boss) replied: ‘Great idea…someone give this brainbox a pay rise!’

Our ethically made products reflect all things art and crafts and are sure to spice up your wardrobe and your life.

We don’t do mass produced, factory nonsense so no two Rai products are the same. Our jewellery is made in Queensland by hand, with the same love and care put into each product that you put into the things you love in your life.

Juliette necklace

When you buy with us you’re taking home more than just a piece of jewellery. You’re going home with a new best friend that will always make you look and feel fabulous.

Plus, every order comes with an enchanted packet of Tim Tams that always refills, magically*.

You think this is neat? Well aren’t you in for a treat because this is only the beginning for Rai.

*Tim Tams not included

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